AGrip is an LA based Grip, Lighting & Camera Support Company. We expertly work with speed and intensity to make sure that your vision becomes a reality. Email us at to get our company info so that we can begin working together.

Items for Sale & for Rent:

Black Magic Pocket Camera

My Sale Price: $750

Mint condition Black Magic Pocket Camera with plastic still on some of it. Only used about 4 times. The Battery Kit and Lens comes out to around $1300 on B&H before shipping and all of that. I am in Hollywood. Pick up only. My price: $750. The Little Lens adapter with this camera and some prime lenses to switch out to are awesome. Footage strait in to the computer in pro-res. Nice little camera here.

American DJ Royal 3D

Lowest Price Online: $599

My Sales Price: $200

The lowest price you can find something comparable online for is $599. Look it up on youtube and google to see videos of it in action. Laser Party light. My price is $200. Local only. If you know anybody with a bar or a club this thing is ideal to pop up and get party results. Sound activated and DMX controllable.

24"x36" Storyboarding Corkboards

Price at Staples: $37

My Sales Price: $10

Hello screen writer film maker friends. These 2'x3' cork boards are the best writing tool you could have. I have tons of them and I am selling them. This style of using cards to write is the style used for Breaking Bad. These boards are exactly the same boards that Vince Gilligan and team would have used. Staples after tax sells these for $37. My price: $10 each. Come and get them.

Modern Bungi Cam

Price At Modern Studio Equipment: $709.50.
My Sales Price: $350
Rental Price: $70/day

This is a Modern Bungi Cam which you mount to a piece of speed rail pipe, and then you mount a camera to it. This gives you a unique and cool type of shot. You can rig this to a push cart rig and get war movie shots that are unique to this piece of equipment.

The Grip Book

Price on Amazon: $37
My Sales Price: $10

Want to learn Grip Equipment? Buy this book from me. $10.

6 Bulb Barger Baglite w/Medium Quartz Chimera

Barger sells on for: $2125
My Sales Price: $1300
Quartz Chimera Sells on B&H for: $815
My Sales Price: $600
Daily Rental Price: $100/day

These are loaded with the bright 675W bulbs which are brighter than 750W bulbs. If you read American Cinematographer you know that this is a great tungsten black body light that just looks real. Quality right here. Dimable and warm. Big soft source with control. 3 circuits make this a very bright soft house power tungsten unit. I have 2 I am only selling 1. Perfect for studio. Condition of fixture and chimera is brand new.

Smooth On Vacuum Chamber

Sells at Reynolds Advanced Materials for: $608 after tax
My Sales Price: $300

This is a critical piece of SPFX film making gear. It is a vacuum chamber that gets all the air and bubbles out of your silicone or other materials so that you can make molds. Mine is brand new.

Vacuum Pump

Sells at McMaster Carr for: more than $500
My Sales Price: $300

This is a critical piece of SPFX film making gear. It is a vacuum pump that goes to the vacuum chamber above. This gets all the air and bubbles out of your silicone or other materials so that you can make molds. Mine is brand new. This pump was specifically chosen to be the good pump that goes with the vacuum chamber above.

Super Mitchell Shaky Cam

Price at Modern Studio Equipment: $1072.50

My Sale Price: $350

rental price: $60/day

Super Mitchell Shaky Cam is great for action. Simulating bombs and explosions & making heavy camera set ups feel like hand held on dolly or slider.

Pipe Spinning Gag for 1 1/4"

Price at Modern Studio: $275

My Sales Price:$100

Rental Price: $40/day

You can do a lot of stuff with this such as build a lazy susan, swing speed rail pipes overhead with lights on them. There are some cool gags you can do with this piece of specialty equipment.

Avenger A2009 Turtle Base for C-Stand (Chrome-plated)

Price At B&H: $91.88 each
My Sales Price: $30 each
Rental Price: $6/day

These turtle bases are great for mounting heavier junior pin stuff close to the floor.

Ruck Sack Backpack w/Frame

Price at Supply Sergeant: $80
My Sales Price: $25

This backpack can hold a lot of weight and are sometimes the very best way to transport equipment in to certain situations that you can't roll a cart.

Modern Speed Rail Slider w/Junior Nail On Plates

Price at Modern: $690 My Sales Price: $400
Rental Price: $40/day

This speed rail slider is one of the best ways to move the camera and often times it is the only thing that will work. Not really pictured here, but included: 2 junior nail on plates to connect this to low boy combo stands. Flip it over to connect to to apple boxes. However, pictured but not included, the 75mm ball to mitchell adapter.

Black & Decker Heat Gun

Price at Home Depot: $30 after tax
My Sales Price: $10

Great brand new heat gun for the shop or the prop shop.

3200 Lumen Epson Projector

Best Buy sells this for $599
My Sales Price: $250
Rental Price: $70/day

Bright nice projector for music videos. Photo above to the right was a music video that utilized this projector. comes with a bag.

4 10' lengths of E Rail

sells for $20 each online
My Sales Price: $10 each

This E Track is nice for the truck. the ones I have are green. They have not been installed in truck and are clean ready to go.


Price At Modern Studio Equipment: $5,800
My Sales Price: $4,900
Rental Price: $100/day

This is a great piece of gear that I consider mandatory for feature films and serious movies. In the pictures I have several pictures where it is aluminum color but it actually has been black anodized. Great looking piece of equipment. 3' is the most common length for these sliders because it doesn't tip over your mitchell sticks. This thing is very smooth and heavy duty. A secret piece of gear to make your movie look like a movie. this includes a castle nut, a perfect size case that is pictured and of course the slider. This particular slider is great for rigging as it has many mounting points. A real slider not a sissy foo foo camera department slider.

Elemac Starter

Price at Modern: $77

My Sales Price: $30

This is a piece of camera support equipment that you bolt to a dolly or anything in order to start connecting Bazooka risers. Bazooka Risers or Elemac Risers are a European style of camera support which is their version of a tripod and works well. Only the Elemac Starter is for sale but above you can see one of my cheese plate dolly's with a bazooka set up on it. These Bazooka Set up's are great.

Paul C Buff 86" Umbrella

Price online: $69.99
My Sales Price: $40

This is in perfect condition, yet used a lot because it works. You want a bright controlled bounce at a low price point? This is it.

Nice case here. has wheels. There is some foam inside as well.

Source Vape 40Wtc complete kit

Sold online for: $149
My Sales Price: $60

This is a complete vape kit. Has a bubbler. Never been used before. Mint condition.

4 pieces of 45 Degree Curve Track

Price at Norms Studio Equipment: $ 467.50
My Sales Price: $200 each

Rental Price: $90/day

45 degree curve track, 8 makes a complete circle. these 4 pieces make a half circle. center to center diameter 24.5 feet.

C Stand riser. Jr. to baby spring loaded.

My Sales Price: $20

4'x4' Shiny Board

Price at Modern Studio Equipment: $525 each
My Sale Price: $350 each
Rental price: $20/day each
4 Place Sun Valley Reflector Case in New Condition: $396
My Sale Price: $200 each

Pictured is 4 Shiny Board Reflectors but I only have 2 4'x4' reflectors to sell. These have a jr. Pin. They are in good shape though they were slightly used when I got them.

Consew Industrial Sewing Machine


My Sales Price:

This industrial sewing machine can have you up and running making your own sand bags and grip gear in no time. I also have an awesome Binder for 1" webbing to go with it and I have the plans for sand bags and shot bags to give you as well as directions where you can buy Denier cloth.